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Flash Fiction100 word series 

h                      Health

At the start of the pandemic we were all concerned about health.

International politics came to the fore of my preoccupations when the British Prime Minister tested positive for Coronavirus.  

Later he said  his survival had been ‘Touch and go’. He  had praise for two nurses: one from the Atlantic Coast of Portugal and one from New Zealand, supposedly the triumph of the British National Health Services. 

Britain involved the whole world to save him.  Like his people, he’s a worldwide citizen.

An absolute lack of logic to Brexit – there’s no further way out for him; Brexin Johnson’s his nickname.

g Generation

‘Mother Hen’ was one of her nicknames.

Over years she nurtured her children. When a grandmother, she was called a ‘helicopter mum’. It wasn’t just children she fussed around.

At work she embraced the younger folk under her…

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