Anne-Marie Smith is a French-born Australian non-fiction, flash-fiction writer and editor.

She taught English as a Second Language in Zambia and lectured at the University of Papua New Guinea.  In Western Australia she taught in Kalgoorlie for TAFE and was Education Officer at a prison.  She worked with indigenous communities and migrants in the West Pilbara where she was the inaugural Community Cultural worker in the Roebourne Shire and managed the Amnesty International Office in Perth.

What she wrote

Anne-Marie published several academic articles related to her doctorate at UPNG on the socio-linguistic use of English in Papua New Guinea. She spoke at international linguistic conferences in Papua New Guinea and in Australia.

The anthology entitled ‘Culture is‘ she edited with the Australian Multicultural Writers Association and Wakefield Press was shortlisted under Literature non-fiction by the Human Rights Commission.

Anne-Marie published her memoir, Pardon My French  through Ginninderra Press.

She gave talks at arts festivals and presentations to women’s groups about ‘Five Women’ whose cultures from around the world strongly impacted on her when she lived and worked in Europe, Central Africa, Papua New Guinea, Western and South Australia.

Anne-Marie publishes some of her short fiction on Flash Fiction websites like Paragraph Planet. Her story on the dilemma of Australian Refugee offshore detention was selected by Hawkeye Books, and her account of the early pandemic days by Mana Press.

How she lives

She married a British educationist and training consultant, Peter Smith.  They now live near Adelaide in South Australia. Anne-Marie is dedicated to yoga and volunteering for non-government organisations while Peter who now volunteers part-time goes to the gym and  walks to the beach.

There they meet to relish the crêpe café culture. Their grandchildren love joining them from interstate and overseas  and play ballgames, collect shells to paint – usually in the heat of the Australian summer.

“You talk, you talk, that’s all you can do!”   [Tu causes, tu causes. c’est tout c’que tu sais faire]”   ―Raymond Queneau, Zazie dans le Metro  

I like to talk and share my latest words, and YOU… What do you like to do?


At  Writers SA in Adelaide you’ll find a summary of who I am and what I have published creatively over the last ten years:

At Ginninderra Press or on any online website ( like Amazon) you can find my book called Pardon My French, just published in March 2018:

This Papua New Guinea-related website has featured a chapter taken from my Memoir ‘Pardon My French’:

The ABC Life Matters Program on Radio National played a segment of a turning point adapted from my Life Story  where you can hear my voice and my French accent:

At this UK micro fiction website have published several of my 75 words paragraphs:

At Skive magazine you will find one on my online short stories about one a year since 2011

Five Women  across Cultures

  • I present a talk entitled Five Women Across Cultures and speak of  how to plan and publish a memoir.

In 2019 I gave a talk to different groups (Business and VIEW, Arts Festival and Library in South Australia), and I intend to take this presentation to some community groups in Western Australia.  

Pacific Safety 

I wrote a short fiction piece about  Refugees who came to Australia but were detained on Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) for over six years and many are still there.  I highlighted the various dilemmas this practise led to.   This  piece was selected for ‘Allsorts’  a diversity -based Anyhology to be published in December 2019.

During the Pandemic

I contributed my story ‘A sense of direction’ to the Mana Press Anthology ‘Life in the time of Coronavirus’ published on 30 June 2020


My latest (Aug 2020) piece of Flash Fiction is on:

On my parole blog on this website you can read  my micro fiction :100 word vignettes or some bilingual writing (Engl/Fr)

Under Contact, please leave me a message to say: 

Hi ! Bonjour! Palya! Cheers!


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  1. Hi Anne-Marie
    Love seeing your indomitable sprit and enduring social conscience still burning bright -you are inspirational!!


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