Z for  Zazie

Zazie dans le Metro [ Louis Malle]
    The heroine from the film  'Zazie dans le Metro' 
    Appealed to me because she showed irreverence 
    Against the authorities- an activity I cultivate. 
    Coined in the days of the Absurdist Theatre,
    The era of my studies, to later climax 
    Into the 1968 French revolution. 

             	With the cheek of a non-urban youth
                She embarks on a visit to Paris
                Embarrassing her uncle who,
                Though eccentric, found her
                Hard to restrain.

                Zazie performed aerobic jumps
                Over the metro barriers,	
                Her cussing shocked
                His friends’ gang.

                Travel Man and  IT Crowd’s Actor, 
                Ayoade, confessed this film
                Changed his life. 
                It did mine too.