World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development- 21 May

For Ukraine, its people and culture

The Banner of Peace
Pax Cultura Roerich 1935 – Doradus, Wikimedia

‘Where there is Peace, there is Culture; 
Where there is Culture, there is Peace.’ 
                        Nicholas Roerich

With the present dramatic destructions of lives and cultures, borders and buildings we commemorate this week The Pax Cultura Pact signed in 1935 by ethnic Russian Roerich with FD Roosevelt ‘for protection of cultural property during armed conflicts.’ 

In 2001 the UN instituted Diversity Day, a time for Cultural Diversity 
for Dialogue and Development for people to understand, value and share information on one another’s Cultural worth and treasures. This day was created after the destruction of the statues of Buddha, in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. 

International Jazz Day 2022, program

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A call for peace and unity in the world

International Jazz Day online. April 30, 2022.  Great live-streaming concert

(H Hancock, M. Miller, Y. Sun Nah etc.)  List at All-Star Global Concert

Jazz carries a universal message with the power to strengthen dialogue,

  our understanding of each other, and our mutual respect. As the world

  is affected by multiple crises and conflicts this international day highlights

  how much music and culture can contribute to peace.”

UNESCO A Azoulay, Dir.-Gen  

Free at From France 23h or Australia 9am AEST May 1           

UNESCO’s website,, UN’s online TV channels.

23 March Observance

Most of us are not aware of The International Day of Remembrance of the

Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. BBC says slavery  

includes sex trafficking and bonded labour, where a person’s work is ‘security’

for a debt that can’t be repaid. We already know about child soldiers and

women sexual slavery but Dr. Ewelina U. Ochab advises victims of modern-day

slavery are around us all and that we should all ‘be vigilant to see and brave to speak up’.

A man chained in a garden. A distressed young woman at the airport. A patient in a clinic’.

International Women’s Day 08/03

100Words from Women Writers                     					                                 

  Don’t ever think that just because you do things differently, you’re wrong.
                              Gail Tsukiyama
              The most common way people give up their power is 
                    by thinking they don’t have any.
                              Alice Walker 

         I do not see myself as a footnote to someone else’s life.
                             Martha Gellhorn

      Our histories cling to us. We are shaped by where we come from.
                        Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

           It’s where we go, and what we do when we get there,
                   that tells us who we really are.
                            Joyce Carol Oates               

Happy World Radio Day

        UNICEF/Nahom Tesfaye  A young boy in Ethiopia takes lessons
        via the radio, which are being broadcast across the country.

13 Feb 2022

One morning in 1969 in Zambia I entered my classroom at the remote Mwinilunga

High School, which had no television or electricity, with a two-band battery radio

so that my students would hear the momentous moon landing.

The BBC crackle  was bad. I switched over to a French-speaking station.  The radio

announcer’s voice came through the static.  I could just hear the French version of

the astronaut’s words and translated them for my students: 

‘One small footstep for man and a giant footstep for humanity’. 

The class cheered, not at my translation, but because Neil Armstrong was on the Moon. 

International Logic Day / Journee Internationale de la Logique


I’m ready for January 14, the International Logic Day

I  agree with logic but I don’t believe in an absolute truth.

Actions and beliefs aren’t always true if they are logical.

You need to consider all consequences before declaring an experience true

This applies to all extreme possibilities, logical or not.

For example, I love this dog doesn’t imply I  love all dogs.

I hate dogs doesn’t mean I won’t like a specific small poodle.

I hate fighting doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a bout of fencing.

I could be found to be fighting a poodle that I love.

and in French

Je m’apprête à la Journée Internationale de la Logique

J’accepte la logique mais dénie la vérité absolue.

Les actions et croyances, même logiques, ne sont pas toujours vraies.

Il faut considérer toutes conséquences avant de déclarer une expérience vraie

et les cas de toutes possibilités extrêmes, logiques ou pas.

Par exemple, j’aime ce chien ne démontre pas que j’aime tous les chiens.

Je déteste les chiens ne signifie pas que je ne puisse aimer un certain petit caniche.

Je déteste me battre n’empêche pas que je me permette un combat d’escrime

Je pourrais me battre avec un caniche que j’aime.

International Drabble

O 22, here we come!
Instead of Happy New Year in your language, and because I learnt 
the word for ‘Good’ in many languages, I will try a way of wishing different people in Europe: French, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Irish, Polish, Russian; East Africa Swahili; Australia Wongatha, Ngarluma, Kaurna; PNG Tok Pisin, Motu; and Asia Bahasa Malay to have a Good 2022!
Bon 2022, Bra 2022, Hyvä 2022, Buono 2022, Bueno 2022, Kalos 2022,
Go maith 2022, Dobry 2022, Horosho 2022; Nzuri 2022; Palya 2022,
Marni 2022, Waba 2022; Gutpela 2022, 2022 Namo; Baik 2022.
[Comments are welcome]

Z for  Zazie

Zazie dans le Metro [ Louis Malle]
    The heroine from the film  'Zazie dans le Metro' 
    Appealed to me because she showed irreverence 
    Against the authorities- an activity I cultivate. 
    Coined in the days of the Absurdist Theatre,
    The era of my studies, to later climax 
    Into the 1968 French revolution. 

             	With the cheek of a non-urban youth
                She embarks on a visit to Paris
                Embarrassing her uncle who,
                Though eccentric, found her
                Hard to restrain.

                Zazie performed aerobic jumps
                Over the metro barriers,	
                Her cussing shocked
                His friends’ gang.

                Travel Man and  IT Crowd’s Actor, 
                Ayoade, confessed this film
                Changed his life. 
                It did mine too.

Y for Yo-Yoing

She’s always lived in the small town on a highway.
It has one set of traffic lights and little action.
For one year she stands near the lights,
spinning the yo-yo up, then down.
As time goes, she has difficulty when cars approach 
The move called ‘sleeping yo-yo’ works best 
When there are no vehicles about. 
So she changes her tactic

During the frequent gaps in the traffic 
She reels off a song as she performs, 
Playing ‘round the world’ motions
When lights go red, she steps out
humming in rhythm 
with her yo-yo
until the lights 
go to green.


X for Xenophilia

1                                                                                    2

      I wave.  ‘Hello,                                                   Heroes in comedy

       guys!  I’m back.                                               or drama, baddies

         Sorry,  I missed                                           perhaps  goodies?

          the last class,                                            The discussion

           I was  sick!’                                            pauses.    I say

            They greet me.                                   ‘We’ve looked     

              All in a circle.                                  at films only.

                The tutor starts.                          what about

                Pleasant  topic.                          the theatre?’ 

3                                       4

                   Nearest to me                    The discussion starts.

                 a student turns  –                 And it  involves me.

                a look of interest!                   That’s unusual

             ‘Excellent point!                        What’s new? Topic,

            Did you ponder                           tone, team or accent? 

          a play by chance?’                          Could be the latter…

        He has actually                                 The foreign accent ?

      heard my words!                                  It   sometimes   is !