World Day Against Child Labour 12 June

© Adam Lai ‘Durban Call to Action’: action against child labour , concerns that existing
 progress has slowed, is threatened by the COVID-19  pandemic, armed
conflict,  food, environmental,  humanitarian crises.      Press R. | 20May,2022
Child labour 
deprives children of their childhood, 
•	 mentally, physically, socially, morally dangerous,
harmful to children; 
•	interferes with their schooling
At the time of Covid we must: 
Protect children from child labour more than ever

Journée mondiale contre le travail des enfants  

Le ‘travail des enfants’ 
prive les enfants de leur enfance:
•	mentalement, physiquement, socialement /moralement dangereux , nocif pour enfants; 
•	interfère avec leur scolarité 
Agir maintenant a cause de Covid: mettre fin au travail des enfants!