World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development- 21 May

For Ukraine, its people and culture

The Banner of Peace
Pax Cultura Roerich 1935 – Doradus, Wikimedia

‘Where there is Peace, there is Culture; 
Where there is Culture, there is Peace.’ 
                        Nicholas Roerich

With the present dramatic destructions of lives and cultures, borders and buildings we commemorate this week The Pax Cultura Pact signed in 1935 by ethnic Russian Roerich with FD Roosevelt ‘for protection of cultural property during armed conflicts.’ 

In 2001 the UN instituted Diversity Day, a time for Cultural Diversity 
for Dialogue and Development for people to understand, value and share information on one another’s Cultural worth and treasures. This day was created after the destruction of the statues of Buddha, in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. 

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