T for Talking

              You talk; some hear, some don’t.  They have heard the words 
               but not taken them in.  There is no response. You shout. 
            They turn around and ask: ‘What do you mean?  You know they’ve  
            heard you. You repeat the utterance so they don’t misunderstand.
                                   Later   you   start
                                   to  talk again, but 
                                   those   people  who 
                                   listen rarely reply,
                                   you  start  walking
                                   around,    flipping
                                  a hand up  in the air
                                  as if you  had nothing
                                  to say finally there is
                                  need  for less shouting 
                                  instead   you  stammer:
                                 ‘Just  talking to myself’
                                 shrugging  your  shoulders
                              and flipping your hand in the air.