X for Xenophilia

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      I wave.  ‘Hello,                                                   Heroes in comedy

       guys!  I’m back.                                               or drama, baddies

         Sorry,  I missed                                           perhaps  goodies?

          the last class,                                            The discussion

           I was  sick!’                                            pauses.    I say

            They greet me.                                   ‘We’ve looked     

              All in a circle.                                  at films only.

                The tutor starts.                          what about

                Pleasant  topic.                          the theatre?’ 

3                                       4

                   Nearest to me                    The discussion starts.

                 a student turns  –                 And it  involves me.

                a look of interest!                   That’s unusual

             ‘Excellent point!                        What’s new? Topic,

            Did you ponder                           tone, team or accent? 

          a play by chance?’                          Could be the latter…

        He has actually                                 The foreign accent ?

      heard my words!                                  It   sometimes   is !

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